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10 Great Reasons To Hire Temporary Staff

We have a large number of clients who regularly use our services when looking for permanent members of staff to fill specific roles. However, a large percentage of our success also comes from our temporary appointments.

Whilst perhaps the most obvious reasons for hiring temporary staff are seasonal fluctuations (e.g. Christmas) or covering staff holidays, there are a number of other reasons where you could consider hiring temporary staff.

  • Exploring A Specific Project - There may be a new revenue opportunity to be discovered from developing a new product or service. Hiring specialists for a few months is an inexpensive way of exploring this potentially lucrative opportunity.
  • Try Before You Buy - If you are unsure whether the business can sustain a new role, why not hire a candidate on a temporary basis. Depending on the role and the individual, it may benefit both parties if you explain that ideally you want them to prove that this role could become a permanent one in the business.
  • Candidate Probation - similar to the previous point but you are giving the candidate the opportunity to show that they are the right person to become a permanent fixture in the team.
  • Speed - Hiring a temp can often be a quick solution to a problem. This can sometimes buy you the time to consider the longer-term requirements for the business role in greater detail.
  • Funding Issues - Hiring temporary staff is also a way to attract the right talent immediately before the funding for a permanent position becomes available.
  • Reduce Training Costs - Hiring a skilled temp is often more about getting a job done rather than recruiting the best person who will fit in the culture of the company. These experienced people can often deliver from day one.
  • Flexibility - there are some tasks that don't require a full-time employee that could be achieved by hiring a temp for only three days a week for example. This can often suit the employee too, providing a part-time income to supplement their other activities or responsibilities.
  • Ease of Reorganisation - Changing markets, reorganisations and budget changes are a fact of life in modern day business. Large scale redundancies are damaging to morale so building a business that embraces temporary employees as part of an entrepreneurial culture can make staff fluctuations go more smoothly.
  • Fresh Perspectives - As temporary employees are not already immersed in the company culture, they can often bring fresh approaches and new ideas that can add more value.
  • Cost Savings - Employers can save on medical/dental benefits, vacation and sick pay, retirement and other income security benefits reserved for full-time and part-time workers.

At Jackie Kerr Recruitment, we look after your temporary staff for you, enabling you to concentrate on running your business.

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