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Why Planning Your Recruitment Strategy Is Now Essential...

Plan Your Recruitment

Unemployment in our region is currently running at the lowest level for ten years. Whilst this is great news for our economy and its future growth, this is not without its challenges. We are now in a candidate-led job market which means that many organisations need to change their recruitment approach.

A few years ago, there were multiple candidates for every new vacancy, enabling companies to open and fill a new vacancy quickly with a suitable individual. Companies were able to react to their market, decide on a new vacancy and fill it with comparative ease.

This is no longer the case for two main reasons:

1) Unavailable Talent

Firstly, the talent who will excel in your new position will already be working elsewhere and may not be currently "on the market".

So, as with most business success stories, companies need to do more advance planning and, at Jackie Kerr Recruitment, we work closely with our clients to help put this in place.

Annual Recruitment Plan

To start with, we help you put together an annual recruitment plan. Whilst nothing is cast in stone, this gives us a great idea of the vacancies that are likely to come up in your organisation over the next twelve months. This, in turn, gives us the ability to communicate with the suitable talent who are planning their next career move.

Specialist Recruitment Software

We have invested in specialist recruitment software which enables us to keep track of our star candidates and their career aspirations. So, for example, if we know that a new marketing manager role is likely to open up in six months' time, we can start our exploratory conversations with top talent today and position some suitable candidates over this period.

This also works both ways - strong candidates who realise that we are interested in supporting their careers, rather than simply placing them in a current vacancy, will come back to us requesting information about other potential opportunities.

2) Potential Employees Can Be More Selective 

Secondly, whilst the Department for Work and Pensions reported that average earnings for full time workers in 2015 were 13.6% down in real terms on the level in 2008 (before the recession) it's not just about the cash. In fact, recent research by totaljobs found that almost half of jobseekers have become far more selective about the positions they have accepted.

Promoting Your Brand

At Jackie Kerr Recruitment, we work with you to ensure that we are promoting your overall brand including your company culture, the type of working environment, their future potential career progression and your company's approach to work-life balance, to name but few.

This ensures that we sell the opportunity to the candidate; getting them excited about the future opportunity in your organisation over the long term.

We Are Well-Connected

Another of the benefits of working locally in recruitment for almost twenty years is that, should your brand need a minor spruce-up, we can recommend a number of excellent marketing agencies, business growth specialists, proactive accountants, IT specialists etc. who have a proven track record in helping our clients improve their brand.

Above all, we want to help you to attract the best talent to your door.

For help in planning how to attract the best talent over the next 12 months...

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