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Finding The Best Temporary, Interim And Contract Staff

Following on from this month's case study we thought we'd examine our Temporary Recruitment Desk in more detail. Apart from predictable seasonal events, e.g. logistics in the lead up to Christmas, for example, when a request comes in to hire a temporary member of staff, it's usually because something has happened.

Often it's positive where perhaps a large customer order has come in and needs resource to help with the delivery or sometimes a change in the market necessitates a relocation of resources. However, it's almost always a problem that needs solving.

Fortunately, this is music to our ears and our team on our Temporary Recruitment Desk love this challenge. Ably assisted by our considerable database of temporary, interim and contract staff, we have a hotline to those individuals who have the skills to do the job, who will hit the ground running, and who will never let you down. We appreciate that a reliable workforce is as important as a skilled one and it is essential that your new temporary workers are flexible, dependable and remain focused throughout.

One of our key metrics is to select by a candidate's attitude as well as their ability and many times this has benefitted everyone over the longer term. Although we hire people for a specific project or timeframe, we have lost count of the number of times that a client has come back to us and asked to extend our temp's contract or, on many occasions, discuss making them a permanent member of their team!

So, challenge Jackie Kerr to find you the best temporary, interim and contract staff by calling us for a chat on 01793 762026 or email Jackie and her team at:


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