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Jackie Kerr Career Hub

Jackie and her team works closely with young adults and are well known for the motivational and confidence building skills which helps young adults to find the confidence to move forward with a career.

Due to Jackies knowledge and expertise in the Recruitment field she was recently requested to join the Employer Gateway Board and is also working on a voluntary basis with Plan 500 mentoring young adults to build confidence, contacting potential employers introducing the two to ultimately find work and a career path for the young adults.

She is passionate in assisting individuals achieve their goals and has a wealth of up to date Recruitment experience and contacts in the Wiltshire Area including working with local businesses, Job Centres, Schools, Colleges and Apprenticeship providers.

These contacts and her teams wealth of experience in recruitment, confidence building and motivation enable Jackie and her team to provide the support with the guidance needed for students to achieve their goals Making that transition from School to College or the work place a confident and successful one.