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These are an excellent way of mixing learning and working in business in your chosen career. Many organisations will consider nurturing young people by offering them work and training within their company whilst the Apprentice attends college to improve specific role related skills. The Apprenticeship generally contracted for a year, but can lead to successful employment upon completion either within the Company or transferring their skills to a new organisation. These positions are highly sought after and are not always immediately obvious to a young job seeker.

The Jackie Kerr Team , through business contacts and other connections, can offer advice and assistance in respect of Apprenticeships positions on top of practical career and CV advice.

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Driven by Forward Swindon, Plan 500 works with private sector employers and provides them with new skills into their organisations while enhancing employment opportunities for young people aged 16 to 24. They assist in providing work experience, apprenticeships and business mentors from local Companies.

Through Plan 500 and the Jackie Kerr Career and Employment Hub, Jackie Kerr and her team, mentors young adults as they consider their next steps in their career. A mentor does not make your decisions for you, but provides you with a “sound board” and with “as required” supporting business knowledge and advice as you take those steps forward in your career choices.

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