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“Opportunities made real”

Due to her knowledge and expertise in the Recruitment field, Jackie Kerr runs Job Seekers seminars to pass on her extensive knowledge of Recruitment and Employers and is passionate in assisting individuals achieve their goals. Whether you are a professional or unskilled individual on a Jackie Kerr Job Seekers seminar or directly for an employer who is making redundancies, or a School or College providing career support to students or you will have the up-to-date support and guidance you need.

Jackie has provided an accredited seminar programme by the Department of Work and Pension winning her an award and recognition for “Service of Excellence” through Jobcentre plus and has successfully got over 1000 people back to work.

Jackie is also part of the Employer Gateway Board and works on a voluntary basis with Plan 500 mentoring young adults to build confidence to assist them into work. Jackie works with local businesses, Job Centres, Schools Colleges and Apprenticeship providers.

Still looking for that right job?
Considering a change of career but need direction?

Discover the insider secrets of the recruitment agency and tips and information to maximise your job prospects. You need to attend to get yourself ahead of the market through the Job Seekers Seminar. Whether you are a professional or an unskilled worker, the award-winning Jackie Kerr Job Seekers Seminar will give you valuable up-to-date advice and guidance.

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Redundancy Seminars

Are you a business who is having to make that decision to restructure your organisation and want to support your employees in their transition to a new employer?

We can assist your employees in a group session or on a 1-2-1 basis with CV writing and career advice Job Search Techniques and achieving that next step in their careers.

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Seminars for Schools & Colleges

Jackie Kerr and her team will deliver Career and Employment advice through your teaching team across your school and can provide informative up-to-date career advice and guidance service from year 9 through to School Leaver.

Jackie works closely with young adults and she is well known for her motivational and confidence building speeches helping young adults to find the confidence to move forward with a career. She mentors young adults, through Plan 500, and assists them to find a career path and ultimately find work through local business, Job Centres and Apprenticeship providers. These contacts and her wealth of experience in recruitment, confidence building and motivation enable her to provide the support with the guidance needed for students to achieve their goals making that transition from School to College or the work place a confident and successful one.

The needs of your students will be wide ranging from those with a vision for their further education through college and university to those who are not sure what they want to do next.

With our many years of experience and contacts in the employment industry we can offer your students the vision and structure for their career choices and how to achieve them from the very first steps.

Our sessions are fun and informative, our goal is to facilitate the students, along with your teaching team, in making their own choices and structure those choices into a tangible goal that we can help them achieve.

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Military Transition Seminars

Have you just been working for Queen and Country and have that valuable experience gained in a Military environment, but need support to approach Civilian Employers?

We can help you make the transition easier. Help you to make your military experience count on your CV and be transferable to Civilian Roles where Employers can recognise the wealth of experience you have.

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